Can I change the sender email address when the campaign is already running?

Yes, it is possible to change the sending address when the campaign has already sent some emails.


How it works
Changing the sender address in a campaign
Adding a new email address

How it works

When you change the sender email address that you’re using, all emails and follow-ups in that campaign will be sent from the new address from that point. The previous sender, as well as the previous signature, will be visible in the attached thread when sending follow-ups.

You can use one of the email addresses that you have already connected to Woodpecker, or add a new one.

  1. Changing the sender address in a campaign

    To change the sending email address in your campaign, you need to:

    1. Open your campaign from the Campaigns list.

    2. Click “Edit” in the upper right corner.

    3. Click the field “send from:” and select the new mailbox.

    4. Click the “Run” button in the upper right corner to resume sending.

    Gif of choosing the sending address and resuming campaign with

    Important: Always set up automatic mail forwarding when changing the sending email address; any incoming messages should be forwarded to the new mailbox.

    Otherwise, Woodpecker will not know when a prospect replies to the old address, and more follow-ups will be sent from the new one!

    Adding a new email address

    You can add the new email address as a separate one, or simply replace the old mailbox with a new one.

    Replacing the mailbox

    To change your email address first, you need to remove the connected mailbox and then connect a new one. Mind you, removing an active mailbox will automatically put any campaigns that are sending from it on hold. You can resume sending by editing each of them and selecting the new sending address.

    1. Go to Settings → Accounts.

    2. Click on the trash bin icon next to the old address to remove it.

      Deleting the email address from Accounts
    3. Click “Add Email Account” to add your new mailbox for sending.

    4. Resume the sending in the active (running) campaigns. There are two options:

      • Click the “Run” icon in the top right corner of your campaign.

      • Use the “Send” button in your campaign summary.