Billing: Glossary

All the terms connected to our Billing.


Slot is the main billing unit, as to have a Woodpecker account you need to have at least one. Email account needs to be connected to slots in Woodpecker to run campaigns.

Slots that you add during your billing cycle will be pre-paid and you’ll get a discount for the next cycle of the prorated amount. The same goes for removing slots.

Here you can learn how to add and remove slots »


Add-ons are features that are not included in the basic fee and you can buy them separately to increase the effectiveness of your campaigns. Fees for those will be multiplied by the number of slots you have.

Add-ons will be applied to all of your slots, so the final price for the account will consist of a fee for the base slot and a fee for all of the active add-ons multiplied by the number of slots you have.

Email Account

An email address (mailbox) connected to Woodpecker for sending your campaigns. Here you can find more information about managing your email accounts »

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Remember, that in order to receive emails into your Woodpecker inbox and control your campaigns flow you need to have a certain email account turned on. If it is turned off, Woodpecker will not download incoming emails from this mailbox.

You can have as many active email accounts connected to Woodpecker, as many slots you currently have.


All Users in a single Woodpecker account. You can add or remove Users at any time in Settings → Company Settings → Team.


Separate login and in-app view for a person that you invite to co-manage your Woodpecker account. You can add as many users as you need without any additional fees. Here is an article which will help you with managing your team »

Woodpecker Agency

Woodpecker Agency is our feature which you can buy as an add-on. It provides a dashboard that allows easy management of campaigns for multiple client companies.

While having a Woodpecker Agency account, if you decide to buy an add-on, the additional cost added to your billing will be a price of an add-on multiplied by the number of slots within all your companies. Read more »


The chosen business entity that graciously provides the name for your account. It may (but doesn’t have to) be the name of your business. Your company’s full name only needs to appear in your billing data if it is billed for your account.

For Agencies, a Company is a “sub-account” that is created and managed by an Agency for its client. It is almost identical to a standard Woodpecker.

Billing cycle

One full month’s or year’s use of your account. It starts on the same day every month (e.g. March 5th – April 5th), or on the same day every year (for yearly subscriptions). Payment is collected on that day, which renews the subscription for your account.


Tab under the Billing section where you can find more detailed information about your next payment » with a breakdown of what your price is based on as well as the discounted amount (if applied) and taxes.

Confirming payment

By choosing a payment method and confirming your payment, you have your Woodpecker subscription activated. It will be renewed automatically until you decide to cancel it.


After Confirming payment for your account, the system collects the monthly/yearly fee, which has your subscription renewed for the following month/year. This happens automatically at the beginning of your Billing cycle.


The legal document with the details of your payment. You can access any of your invoices in Settings → Billing → Payment History section. If you added a Billing Email to your account, every invoice will also be sent to that email. Read more about invoices »

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By canceling your subscription you have your account deactivated and deleted, by the end of your Billing Cycle. You can use your account until then; no further charges apply. All the data in your account is lost when it is deleted. Read more about deleting »


By pausing your subscription you can put your account on hold for a reduced fee ($10), with the start of the next Billing Cycle. No sending is possible, but the app keeps on tracking replies and updating the statistics in your campaigns. All your data is kept in your account, and you retain full access to it. Read more about pausing »

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