[API 2.0] Blacklisting domains

How to blacklist domains via Woodpecker API 2.0


  1. Introduction to blacklisting domains
  2. GET domains
  3. POST domains

Introduction to blacklisting domains

To avoid a risk of sending unwanted emails to the prospects from the same company, use our domain blacklisting endpoint. It will automatically block ongoing and future sending to all prospects within a given domain. Following endpoints are account specific. If you’re interested in blacklisting emails and domains for all companies under your agency, check this article.
IMPORTANT: After blacklisting a domain those prospects may still remain as active in your prospect’s database. But no worries – they will be automatically blacklisted as soon as there will be their turn to receive an email from you.
If you want to learn more about blacklisting domains, check this article.

GET domains

To get a list of all blacklisted domains from your account use the following request:

GET https://api.woodpecker.co/rest/v2/blacklist/domains

Sample response:

    "domains": [

Response data type:

  • domains – JSON object, list of all blacklisted domains.

POST domains

To blacklist domains in bulk via API, use the following request:

POST https://api.woodpecker.co/rest/v2/blacklist/domains

If your request is successful, you’ll get the following response:

    "domains": [
    "status": {
        "status": "OK",
        "code": "OK",
        "msg": "Domains were added to blacklist successfully."

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