Mary Siewierska

Mary was a Content Specialist at Woodpecker. Because of her inquisitive nature and curiosity, she quickly became our Quora, Twitter and LinkedIn expert.

Woodpecker Prospecting Webinar Vol.1

At the end of last year, our outbound sales team hosted a webinar made for Quora users interested in lead generation. It was their first webinar, therefore, the outbound team wanted the audience to be relatively small. We thought you might be interested in watching the webinar and learning more about our approach to list building. So today, we’re publishing the webinar, and at the same time, officially launching Woodpecker YouTube channel.

How We Asked Quora People to Attend Our Webinar: Vol. 2

Not so long time ago, I described at length how you can use Quora for targeting. I shared a tactic we use here at Woodpecker for finding people who would be interested in a webinar about doing outbound. Recently we’ve managed to organize another webinar. We carried out a webinar about outbound for contacts we found on Quora.

How We Found Webinar Participants on Quora: Vol. 1

Before you venture into prospecting, you should have an ideal customer profile in place. However, what if you have an ICP worked out and you're stuck because you don't know where to search for prospects? Today, I'll show you that the online places you enjoy being at can lend itself perfectly to building a quality contact list. And that's based on Wojtek's, Head of Outbound Sales, experience.

How to Connect Your Email Address with – Update

Right now, people from over 52 countries are using Woodpecker. They use many different email providers next to the most popular ones, such as Gmail or Outlook. You may have noticed a change in the app when you were trying to connect your email to Woodpecker not so long ago.

New to Sales? How to Learn Cold Email as an SDR

If you’re a fresh SDR hire, or were made the one responsible for outbound email campaigns not so long ago, then this article is for you. I feel your struggle. Outbound can be pretty intimidating at first. You need to read and practice a lot before you're able to do it confidently. With this post, I want to show how to learn cold emailing.